Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Incorporated in 1945, North Boundary Home Owners’ League (NBHOL) began as a Chicago community service organization of homeowners in the area bounded by Touhy Avenue on the south, Howard Street on the north, California on the east, and Kedzie on the west. Today, members consist of renters  as well as homeowners and serves approximately 1000 households within our boundaries.

NBHOL strives to establish, foster and promote a better community in the neighborhood in which its members reside; to recommend, sponsor, foster, work for, promote and achieve any and all factors or conditions relating to the improvement in environmental health and happiness, which include such things as patriotism, civic enterprises, safety, zoning, neighborhood appearance and beautification, smoke, smell and noise abatement, garbage collection and disposal, educational and recreational facilities, social betterment improvement of streets, walks, alleys, sewerage, gas and all other neighborhood requirements.


Unfortunately, the Board of Directors had to make the difficult decision to cancel North Boundary Day 2018.  We were informed that a local supermarket was hosting a large event on the same day during the same timeframe. It was determined that most community members would gravitate towards this larger event.  We’ll attempt to communicate with the business so that we can select a date for North Boundary Day 2019 that doesn’t conflict with their plans.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!!


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